Random Guy- “I like Batman and I hate Superman. Superman is too overpowered for me to relate to him.”

Me- So you’re a Billionaire, you know over 127 Martial Arts, You’ve mastered escape artistry, your networth is over $6.9 Billion, you can bench press 1000 Ibs and can leg press 2,500 Ibs?  You’re an expert detective, a ventriloquist, a genius intellect & strategist and you are at peak human condition?

Guy- No, but Batman is human like me and he had to train to get where he is.  Superman has never had to work hard for anything, his powers were given to him.

Me- I didn’t know you could train to become rich, Bruce Wayne was born rich.  He only became Batman due to his parents being shot and killed.  Clark Kent/Superman has to train his body and mind everyday in order to keep his powers in check, so he does not lose control and harm us.  He lost his entire race of people with the exception of his cousin, he did not need some dark tragic past in order to become a superhero a saviour for mankind.  He does it because he feels it’s the right thing to do.  

If you take away his powers, Clark Kent is just a regular stand up guy who grew up on a simple farm and lives off a reporters salary.  He went to a normal high school and did normal teenage stuff, excluding learning how to use his powers for good.  

To me that’s a more human/relatable story than some rich guy who puts on a Bat costume and has all the money and technology in the world.  When he’s not doing that, he sleeps around with impossibly beautiful sexy thieves and all kinds of other out of this world stuff.  Seriously there is no man that exist like that in this world and never will be.  Bruce Wayne/Batman is just as Far Fetched as Superman or any other fictional hero.

Training involves more than just learning how to throw a fist or kick.  Common morals, decency and learning self control is also apart of it.   He puts the world on his shoulders by his choice and his choice alone.  He’s just a nice guy like that.

Guy- Yeah well Batman is still cooler and more stronger than Superman!  Batman always wins.

Me- Ummmmm Yeah…..have a nice day.

Had this conversation at my job with someone.  Supes and Bats are both great.  Superman is light and Batman is the dark, the sun and the moon.  Man it seems like everyday this topic has been coming up, I guess it just shows how Iconic these two are and how passionate people can be about them.  At the end of the day they are the worlds finest.

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    Wolverine’s one of the most iconic characters around and he’s only been around since the 80’s. Deadpool’s one of the...
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    Also, let’s not forget who Clark trusts well enough to give KRYPTONITE RINGS just incase he goes crazy and starts...
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    im a fan of both and let me tell ya, both are relatable. bruce wayne did more than just train his fists, he put himself...
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